You Know it's Cold When...

...your snow turns purple.  Just kidding!  White snow on white house just isn't dramatic.  So I played around with contrast, hues and saturation to come up with this "Andy Warholesque " snowbound picture.  Yes, there is a 3 step high porch buried under all that snow.  I guess you should call this blog "Life in the Snow Lane." ;)

The other day on Facebook I posted before going to bed:

"You know it's cold when... you put long johns on under your flannel pj's to go to bed!
Okay, your turn!
You know it's cold when..."

I have been really enjoying all the creative responses: (and feeling sorry for some that I know are based in reality, like mine!)
  • you need to turn the heater on.  What can I say, I live in Phoenix!
  • you put long johns on under your flannel pj's and THEN turn on your electric blanket and then go to bed!
  • you realize that really cool ice sculpture in the kitchen WAS actually your sink!  
  • Al Gore says the earth has a fever.
  • you have to put down carpet pieces to make a safe path from the street to your front door cause you cannot chip the ice from your north facing driveway.
  • you dream to live inside an erupting volcano head.
  • when the icicles knock on your door and ask for hot chocolate!
  • the Redbox at the grocery store won't take back your rental because it's frozen!
I have been getting such a kick out of these!  So let's keep it going.  Leave me a comment and answer...

You know it's cold when...


  1. You know it's cold when...

    ...You're praying for snow because it would "warm things up".

    ...Your hot water heater freezes. (happened to my poor mom just this week!)

    ...Your furnace clicks back on just seconds after turning off and STILL can't keep up.

    ...You see a squirrel frantically chiselling at the ice on the pond trying to get through to the water. Got news for you squirrel - nothing but more algae-filled ice down there! :p