We Got an Early Christmas Present from God

David is really getting into this diving for food now.  He hit up one store on the way home from work yesterday and had an excellent score for right before the holidays:

2 really nice cauliflowers (now I can go ahead and toss the not so nice ones we picked up earlier this week)
3 perfect heads of lettuce (iceberg is not my fav, but I have been adding it to the slaw mix we picked up and it makes a great salad base)
1 package broccoli (still completely sealed)
4 cucumbers (2 will be for juicing as they are a little past firm)
2 sealed containers of salsa
5 boxes of gourmet cookies (sell by date, that day - 3 boxes Oatmeal/Cranberry, 2 boxes Peanut Butter/Peanuts/Chocolate Chunks - omg!  too delish!)

Then today we hit a few dumpsters on the way home from church.  We went back by Krispy Kreme where we picked up a lifetime supply (ha!) and then we saw Bruegger's Bagels just down the road so checked out their trash.  We got 4 packages of "Last night's Bagels" - yummy!  Another grocery store stop netted us a stash of sweet potatoes, 3 dozen eggs, 2 bottles of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, 4 boxes of Breakfast cookies, 2 bananas, 2 containers of sour cream dip, and more apples and tomatoes.

All I can say is we have got to stop hitting the dumpsters because we have SOOOOO MUCH FOOD!

BUT, let's not forget the piece de' resistance - the early Christmas present.  We decided to stop and check the dumpter by the little grocer in our home town.  I hopped out of the car, climbed up on a pile of snow so I could look in, lifted the lid and peered over the side.  Then I stood there for several moments, stunned.  I was looking at a vacuum cleaner.  This was truly a gift from God because it was laying on top - hadn't had food dumped all over it - and works perfectly.  Ours died some time ago and we just have not been able to replace it.  I finally just rolled up our area rug in the living room since we couldn't vacuum it and have been just sweeping with a broom. (like the good ol' days :)  What a blessing to fill our need with an unexpected find in the trash!

God is Good!


  1. Score! :) Merry Christmas to you!