An Update Via Pics

Okay, picture time. Here is Trinity with our new dog, Lucy. She was the accidental offspring by a breeder raising corgis and shelties and she is a mix of the two. She is a very sweet girl (as you can see by her licking Trinity's hand in the picture) and on the timid side. A good temperament for our young ones.

Here is a picture of Trinity and David when we were out in Santa Cruz in early August.

Again, in Santa Cruz, some pics from the boardwalk. Grandma treated everyone to ride tickets and the girls had great fun!

Poor Trinity was not feeling well, and you can see it in this picture. When we finally got home (finally b/c we missed a connecting flight and had an unexpected overnight in Memphis) and took her to the doctor, turns out she had strep throat. What a trooper she was going along with the family on all our outings.