Finally, an update!

Hi everyone. Sorry it has taken me so long to get online and put some news on here. Life has been busy and hectic lately. So much has happened I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I will post pictures and give news as I go.

Well, scratch that. For some reason I am unable to post pictures. I will post another time if I can figure out why my computer is blocking that command.

We have been very busy. David ended up getting a painting job and I left my job at Deery Brothers to return to full time parenting. Between my leaving my job and David starting his job, we took a road trip to North Carolina to visit his brother. David's parents were visiting at the time so we got to see them as well. Trinity really enjoyed meeting and playing with her 6 year old cousin, Jiah. (hope I got that spelling right!)

After a brief stint back home, the kids and I took off for Maryland where we visited my mom. For those of you that I have not kept updated, my mother was diagnosed with cancer this summer - it's in her breast and thyroid. She just started chemo last week so she's got some hard months ahead of her. So please be praying for healing and energy for her.

David flew out and helped me drive home last weekend. Then this past weekend it was back in the van for yet another trip. This time to Illinois for the wedding of my cousin Hiedi. I am really glad we made it, but we were so exhausted as Trinity decided to be in rare form for the wedding. David missed the whole thing while watching the kids in the nursery at the church - bummer! He had done the bride's and the maid of honor's hair for them and they looked great. :)

So we are looking forward to some time at home now. We picked up a nice swingset at a yard sale for $10 and splurged on a trampoline set at the end of season sale at Walmart. We are enjoying being able to play with the kids in our own backyard. We also just bought a bigger mower to help make the yard work less onerous. I found a gym that is close to home, has a great kids club and pool aerobics four mornings a week, so I will be back to my regular workout routine this week - I am excited!

We also just visited a new church that we are really excited about. It's called Christian Life Assembly ( and we both really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the service. We enjoyed the pastor and his teaching and had the experience of "man, that service was EXACTLY what we needed to hear!" While Trinity has been upset all summer about being left in the nursery, she went straight in to this one with out so much as a glance back and her first words when being picked up were, "I had fun!" We were happy to see she had a bible story coloring sheet with a bible story and verse on it. The church in Norwalk, while we like a lot of things about it, until Trinity is out of diapers, she won't be in a class where she is taught about the bible.

This reminds me of one of those cute kid moments we had recently. Trinity loves to sing and has been learning Jesus Loves Me. One morning she was walking around the house singing over and over, "the bible tells me no." :)

I missed the Iowa State Fair while in Maryland, but the Renaissance Festival started this weekend. We are planning on going next weekend. It has been a long time since I enjoyed the merriment and revelry of a good Ren Fest, so I am looking forward to its arrival. Hopefully I can figure out how to get pictures to post and will have them on here shortly. Until then, that's all the news I can remember (!) for now.

Grace and peace be with you.