February catch up...

Well, I have quite a few pics from February that I still need to get posted, so here goes....
Here is just a cute shot of Angelina, back from when she still had a bum bum. :)

Trinity wanted me to take this picture of her snuggling her Special Bear.

This was the last "big" snow we had in February. David was having fun shoveling it b/c it was so light and airy. After shoveling the walk from the back door to the garage, he then went out into the yard and started shoveling snow onto the bushes! Guess they needed an extra coat of white. :p

Here is Trinity getting up after making a snow angel.

Here is the snow angel. I had to change the contrast on the pic for it to show up, but you can see the little angel in there.
What is it about kids wanting to eat snow?? Here are both the girls getting their fill.

This is right before we went to a Valentine party at Heartland. This is the last time we did anything with our old church, so it is kind of sad looking at the pics. On the other hand, we are very happy in our new church, so no regrets on the move.

Loving sisters.

The kids all eating their lunch at the party.

Of course Angelina has to show me her mouthful of cupcake when I try to take a picture!

That's better....

Trinity and her cupcake. Is there anything more blissful than a cupcake to a kid?!

Here are a few shots from our quick weekend to Keokuk to go eagle spotting. We saw tons of eagles, but didn't get a lot of good pictures. Here we had pulled in to try and get to the lock on the Mississippi river. It was all gated off though.

Then I turned around and looked across the street and the trees lining the embankment were filled with eagles. Here is one pic of a couple eagles chilling in the tree.

The kids enjoyed playing in the mud while David and I watched eagles on the river. There was actually an ice chunk still out in the middle of the river beyond camera shot where eagles were hanging out. We watched as eagles would take off from trees along the shore and soar out over the river in search of fish and then come back again.
The funny thing is we did this drive all the way down to Keokuk (almost 3 hours) and we actually saw the most eagles just south of Knoxville, about a half hour from where we live. There was an area around a river where there were probably about 30 bald eagles circling around in the sky.
This is a picture that Trinity took of David and Angelina. She had her finger over the flash so that is why the lighting is strange, but I thought it was cute anyway. Trinity is actually a pretty good photographer. The picture of Lucy and Max on our blog background are both her work.

So, that gets us caught up. I am finally feeling almost normal and my coughing/hacking is diminishing slowly but surely. I am sooooo thankful that no one else in the family got the miserable flu that I had. That reminds me...I put the girls in daycare one day while I was sick so I could get some rest. It was such a strange thing to be in the house without the girls. It was so quiet. It was a pretty day too, so I opened the house and lay on the couch where the fresh air could waft in from the front door. It was so peaceful and pleasant to listen to the birds singing. I may not have recovered from my illness in one day, but it surely restored my soul to have that day alone.
Grace and peace be with you!