No tornado troubles

I know people are concerned with us with all the storms going through Iowa lately. We have fortunately not had any come through our area, but have had two separate nights of the weather alert radio going off. (this morning it woke us up at 4:45am - yuck! I am spoiled now that the girls will sleep til 7-8am!) Last weekend was the best as we had a tremendous thunderstorm that was just awesome to behold. I watched the lightning flashing as though it were morse code being sent - safely from my basement window, I might add! ;)

David started training with his new company this Tuesday. He is learning a lot and finding out that the other company was doing a lot of things wrong. (surprise, surprise) Speaking of his last company, we did get his final paycheck and they took out $980 in deductions which we are contesting. I have no idea how that is being received as you can not reach anyone on the phone except voicemail and they generally do not respond back to email. Adding up the money they still owe us from the first month of work, we are still short $1780 total. So please be praying that they come through and pay us the rest of the money owed. Because David was an independent contractor, our only recourse would be small claims court if they don't pay us - obviously not something worth our effort to do.

I am pursuing doing home staging as a part-time business. I now have business cards (yeah!) so I can start handing them out and asking for referrals. This past Sunday I went and worked on the home of one the guys we know from church. I had a blast and I know that I am going to enjoy whatever work the Lord provides for me in this field. This weekend I will be on the women's retreat with church, so I will start working at promoting my business more next week.

Here are some of the latest photos. This is from Tuesday when Trinity's best friend Katie came over to play. The girls decided to dress up as ballerinas and I put on classical music and they all danced around the living room. Very cute!

We were out in the backyard last week and our neighbor Joe pulled up to the fence in his utility cart to chat. Then he offered to take the girls for a ride. I thought maybe he would just go around in a circle in the side yard, but heck - he headed off for the back 40 with my family. What fun for the girls!

David found a big frog out back and was showing it to the girls. Here the frog started hopping -right onto Angelina's leg...eeek! Both of the girls were freaking out. (Angelina the most!)
Now that he stopped moving, they were less intimidated and more curious as to their new friend.

This was a picture I took of the flowers blooming in front our home. The funny thing is that same day, Trinity decided to bless her mommy with a beautiful flower. Bye-bye flowers! Angelina did the same thing with the next one to bloom. I guess I should be happy my girls like to give me flowers. But we are working on learning not to get into mommy's garden beds. Maybe we will have some survivors soon. :)

Well, rainy nights lead to muddy driveways the next day. Here the girls are enjoying theirs.

A shot of the happy mud girls after playing.The cows were grazing in the pasture closest to us last night. David took the girls over to see them. Here is Angelina pointing out the cows to me.
Everybody say, "MOOOOOOOOO."
Here is Trinity, still mooing. (if anyone is thinking "like mother, like daughter" just keep it to yourself - and for those of you who don't know, growing up I collected cows)
Our garden is sprouting and our strawberries already have berries growing. I have been working in the yard a lot. I found that we can get all the mulch you can haul for free from Warren County brush facility in Indianola. So I line the back of the van with drop cloths and fill 'er up. I have been working the beds at the front our house and they now look nice instead of 1. overgrown, or 2. nothing but some scraggly weeds. Our next project is putting a pergola over the deck off the back of the house. We are mostly reusing wood that we had on hand to make it.

Once that is done, what next? I'm thinking chickens.....

 More photos

Greetings again. Boy, I must be feeling better - 2 nights on the computer! I woke up today with the spring cleaning bug. I spent 5 hours cleaning our stove. (well, most of that was working on the stove - occasional time spent cleaning other things in the kitchen) The stove had about 5 years worth of grease and dirt buildup. I have toyed with getting a new one altogether, but alas we don't have the money for it. In the meantime, a little time, elbow grease, 2 sizes of scrubbing brushes and baking soda has given us the feel of a brand new (used) range. David even found accessories for it in the garage which I cleaned up. Now we have a grill and griddle attachment as well. It really does feel like a whole new stove!

Here is a pic of the girls happily posing with Max.

This picture is a better view of how much we were able to prune away at the lilac bushes. Again, last year it was a solid wall - you couldn't see through them at all.

This is a shot David took of one of the trees in our front yard. The new leaves are just such a beautiful color.

This is Trinity reading a story to the cat. I heard her telling a story and thought it was to Angelina. Imagine my surprise when I came in the room and found her reading to Maximus!

Okay, off to get some sleep in preparation for my big day tomorrow....don't know what we are doing, but it is Mother's day after all! ;)

 The Latest if Not So Greatest

Hi all,

A quick update for those of you still reading this blog! (ha!)

The company David was working for up and left Iowa on May 1st. So after complete panic, we are finding that there are a BUNCH of satellite installer companies in town that are hiring. David already interviewed with one this week and we know of 3 more that are hiring for sure. It is now a question of getting in touch with these companies and going through the application process and seeing which offers us the best deal.

I think the biggest reason we panicked is the way that David was treated back in January when he was let go. We now expect the worst, but fortunately, although this last company is definitely disorganized, they are at least honoring their required duty to pay us. Shwew!

I have also sent in an application for a position that I am excited about - Assistant Bookstore Manager at the Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny. (north of Des Moines) It offers excellent pay and benefits. I know I would miss my girls like crazy, but I would enjoy the work and we could sure use something stable. So please be praying for us with all the job situations.

On to the pictures. I wish that it were faster for me to upload pics, but I am not patient enough to post more. Here are a couple of the girls. They had just gotten up in the morning and were being snuggle bunnies while watching Curious George. They love each other so much that it just warms your heart to see them together. (unless, of course, they are fighting over a toy!)

Angelina had her first ride around the yard on the lawn tractor the other day. She was absolutely thrilled. She was grinning so big and crying out "wheeeeeeeee!" I wish I had videotaped it - too cute!

Our lilacs are covered with bunches of flowers just getting started on blooming. I am so much happier with the way the bushes look now that we have pruned them. Last year you couldn't even see through them - it was like a solid wall that just cut our yard in half. Now it is much more attractive. To give you an idea - the squirrel feeder stand that you see in the picture was completely enshrouded to the point that we didn't even know it was there. When David's friend Joe was visiting, he actually noticed that there was "something in there." After pruning, we found out just what it was. I added the bench from the front of the house to make a nice shady place to sit and watch the kids in the early morning hours.

And, we have a new family member. His name is Maximus and he is about the nicest cat I have met in a long time. He loves the girls....okay, more honestly, he likes Trinity and mostly puts up with Angelina. But he is really good with them and just scoots off upstairs if they start tail pulling or something equally obnoxious.

There is the update for now. I have to get some sleep to keep fighting off this sore throat. I have had it since I got back from my trip to Maryland. I have at least felt better and had energy again the last couple days. Which is a good thing, because I was able to uncover our kitchen counters and table and get the house picked up again. Now to tackle the laundry....

It never ends. :p