More photos

Greetings again. Boy, I must be feeling better - 2 nights on the computer! I woke up today with the spring cleaning bug. I spent 5 hours cleaning our stove. (well, most of that was working on the stove - occasional time spent cleaning other things in the kitchen) The stove had about 5 years worth of grease and dirt buildup. I have toyed with getting a new one altogether, but alas we don't have the money for it. In the meantime, a little time, elbow grease, 2 sizes of scrubbing brushes and baking soda has given us the feel of a brand new (used) range. David even found accessories for it in the garage which I cleaned up. Now we have a grill and griddle attachment as well. It really does feel like a whole new stove!

Here is a pic of the girls happily posing with Max.

This picture is a better view of how much we were able to prune away at the lilac bushes. Again, last year it was a solid wall - you couldn't see through them at all.

This is a shot David took of one of the trees in our front yard. The new leaves are just such a beautiful color.

This is Trinity reading a story to the cat. I heard her telling a story and thought it was to Angelina. Imagine my surprise when I came in the room and found her reading to Maximus!

Okay, off to get some sleep in preparation for my big day tomorrow....don't know what we are doing, but it is Mother's day after all! ;)