The Latest if Not So Greatest

Hi all,

A quick update for those of you still reading this blog! (ha!)

The company David was working for up and left Iowa on May 1st. So after complete panic, we are finding that there are a BUNCH of satellite installer companies in town that are hiring. David already interviewed with one this week and we know of 3 more that are hiring for sure. It is now a question of getting in touch with these companies and going through the application process and seeing which offers us the best deal.

I think the biggest reason we panicked is the way that David was treated back in January when he was let go. We now expect the worst, but fortunately, although this last company is definitely disorganized, they are at least honoring their required duty to pay us. Shwew!

I have also sent in an application for a position that I am excited about - Assistant Bookstore Manager at the Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny. (north of Des Moines) It offers excellent pay and benefits. I know I would miss my girls like crazy, but I would enjoy the work and we could sure use something stable. So please be praying for us with all the job situations.

On to the pictures. I wish that it were faster for me to upload pics, but I am not patient enough to post more. Here are a couple of the girls. They had just gotten up in the morning and were being snuggle bunnies while watching Curious George. They love each other so much that it just warms your heart to see them together. (unless, of course, they are fighting over a toy!)

Angelina had her first ride around the yard on the lawn tractor the other day. She was absolutely thrilled. She was grinning so big and crying out "wheeeeeeeee!" I wish I had videotaped it - too cute!

Our lilacs are covered with bunches of flowers just getting started on blooming. I am so much happier with the way the bushes look now that we have pruned them. Last year you couldn't even see through them - it was like a solid wall that just cut our yard in half. Now it is much more attractive. To give you an idea - the squirrel feeder stand that you see in the picture was completely enshrouded to the point that we didn't even know it was there. When David's friend Joe was visiting, he actually noticed that there was "something in there." After pruning, we found out just what it was. I added the bench from the front of the house to make a nice shady place to sit and watch the kids in the early morning hours.

And, we have a new family member. His name is Maximus and he is about the nicest cat I have met in a long time. He loves the girls....okay, more honestly, he likes Trinity and mostly puts up with Angelina. But he is really good with them and just scoots off upstairs if they start tail pulling or something equally obnoxious.

There is the update for now. I have to get some sleep to keep fighting off this sore throat. I have had it since I got back from my trip to Maryland. I have at least felt better and had energy again the last couple days. Which is a good thing, because I was able to uncover our kitchen counters and table and get the house picked up again. Now to tackle the laundry....

It never ends. :p


  1. just going by the pictures, it looks like trinity looks just like you and angelina looks just like david. just craziness how kids come out looking in cute and so fun.