Cold Toes

I think the green smoothies have been giving me more get up and go.  Yesterday, after freezing my toes off in the kitchen, I decided it was high time for the wall between the living area and the kitchen to come down.  All we have is one little doorway to let any warm air come in from the corn stove and you can feel the difference when you walk through - from warm and toasty to cold.  This is only exacerbated by the arctic air coming our way this week.

So I got out the hammer and chisel and went to work.

I thought we had plaster walls, but to my great delight, it is only sheetrock after all.

The kids were very into cleaning up.  In fact, if I started to clean up, they would freak out and tell me that they were doing it.  Okay... who am I to get in the way of kids wanting to clean?!

Trinity took a turn at pounding down the wall.
(Girl Gone Granola - recognize the pants on Trinity?! They fit her perfectly and sooo cute!  Thanks again!)

Heeeeeeeere's Amy!

All work and no play makes Amy a dull girl! ;)

We have an opening!

Not only is it warmer in the kitchen now, but I love being able to see through that area.  I think our house will feel larger with the wall opened up.  The next decision will be if we want to continue the trend and remove the wall that makes the hallway down to the bathroom and bedroom.  I am leaning towards doing it as I see how nice it is to have the kitchen open.  It would be nice not to have a frigid toilet to sit on in the winter too.

May have to wait to do that project though.  We just can only do so much at a time since I don't have any way to dispose of the rubble except in our trash can!

Well, more wall needs to come down today... best be at it!


  1. So was David aware of this project before you began, or is he going to have a heart attack when he comes home and sees the wall - or lack thereof? ;)

    I'm so glad that Trinity likes the pants! Those were a favorite of Scarlet's, and she was really happy to see that a "little girl" (Scarlet's officially "BIG" at 6 1/2) is enjoying her "kindergarten clothes". :)

    Thanks, too for the link! You rock! :)

  2. Was David aware of this project? Yes and no. We have talked about it since this summer. But I took hammer to wall quite spontaneously today. I did warn him when he called so it wouldn't be a shock to his system when he walked in. :)