First Peek

Up early, of course, since my kids haven't learned the art of sleeping in yet.  The good news is that David's work is shut down for the day.  There is no way they could be installing dish network today, so I am glad to see they figured that out!

The official snowfall total in Des Moines was 14 1/2" but we have one last pocket of snow moving through so another 1-2" possible.  Currently 14 degress, but feels like -6 with windchill and temps are supposed to keep dropping down to zero today.

It is still dark, but here is our view from our front window.  Just a bit of glow from our porch light to get a peek.  That's our porch surrounded by snow, with a big drift running through our front yard.  Trinity looked out the window and said, "Whoa, Dude!" (they grow up so fast, ha-ha!)

More pics when the sun comes up.