It's Official

Our national weather alert radio just went off.  We went from a blizzard watch to a blizzard warning.

Last check on the tv showed that most schools that didn't close today are scheduled to close early.  I didn't go to my weekly bible study this morning and that was probably a wise decision.  It wasn't so bad this morning, but the snow is picking up now and I would be out driving on bad tires in bad weather.  I almost went in the ditch yesterday just going a mile over to a neighbors house, much less to drive to West Des Moines and back in the midst of a winter storm.

So today is a great day for cooking and keeping the kitchen warm!  I'm heating up a pot of vegetable soup and making a big green salad for lunch for me and the girls.  For dinner I'm planning on making black bean veggie burgers, oven roasted sweet potato fries and more of that green salad.  I'm hunkering for green salad today.  That's what I get for browsing through some raw blogs and seeing mouthwatering salad pics! ha!

Not much has changed in our landscape, but here is round 2 of the Midwest Blizzard '09 pics.