Getting Geared Up For the New Year

Okay, so over the holiday weekend I talked with my brother and sister-in-law.  I knew from talking with my mom that they were eating vegetarian and raw foods so thought I would find out what was going on for myself.  I had a great time talking with them both and especially found inspiration from my SIL in how well she has managed to stick to a high raw diet.  Kudo's Sharon!  I know how hard it is to feed a family that may or may not be completely on the same page with you in what they want to eat.  

At least my girls are young enough that I still control what they eat.  It is just a matter of weaning them off of the unhealthy stuff.  I am trying to educate them so that they will understand why mommy is making different choices for our meals.  I may be creating little monsters out of them as last week when I was in Walmart, they were loudly chanting, in unison, "Fruit Loops are not healthy, Fruit Loops are not healthy, Fruit Loops are not healthy!"

Anyway, back to my inspirational siblings.  One of the books that my SIL had brought home from the library that got my brother fired up was a book by George Malkmus.  He is the guy responsible for the Hallelujah diet which I had heard of back when I was a raw foodist.  So I decided to check the site out again, as I am in that search mode - looking for whatever will inspire me and educate me so that I will stick to eating healthy. (and stay away from the lifetime supply of krispy kremes in the basement!)

As luck would have it, they are starting a 60 day challenge on January 7th to do their diet program.  I looked over the basics and it is extremely similar to the Fit For Life, Not Fat For Life principles that I wrote about back in 2007.  You can read all about the hallelujah diet here but here are the basics:

85% raw, uncooked, unprocessed food
15% cooked

Breakfast - Barley Max
Mid morning - fresh vegetable juice or piece of fruit
Lunch - another serving of Barley Max, followed by a vegetable salad
Mid afternoon - fresh vegetable juice or raw veggies
Dinner - first a serving of Barley Max, then a LARGE salad, followed by cooked vegan whole foods if desired
Evening - fruit or fruit juice

This reminds me so much of FFL principles - eating at least 50% raw food, nothing but fruit til noon, making a big salad the first part of a meal so you won't eat so much cooked food - all great tips to reduce cooked food from your diet.  I signed up to participate in the 60 day challenge even though I know I will not do it exactly as written.  For one, I am not buying Barley Max.  Barley Max is no doubt a great product, as it is a blend of raw organic alfalfa and barley which are highly nutritional.  But I will make my own green smoothies and fill them with a variety of greens that are also highly nutritional and not widely eaten.  At the very least I can be inspired and have the accountability and support through their program.  I'm gettin' excited!

I may even get David to eat better.  I showed him this video from Green Smoothie Girl's website.

(note: scroll down and pause the music player at the bottom of the page before playing video)

He said he would drink a green smoothie every day if he could have meat.  

He hasn't quite gotten it yet. But if I can keep this up, hopefully he will get on board as he sees the changes it is making for me. Plus, I was re-reading some of my entries back in 2007 and he totally feels better when he is eating raw. It is just the need to make it easier for him to eat raw foods and he will do it. Green smoothies is a good place to start. :)

Anyone else game for a 60 day challenge?


  1. I'm with David! If I can have Chicken Pad Thai or a Gyro as my reward, I'd drink just about anything! But I guess that sort of defeats the purpose. :(

    Good luck with getting the family to go green! :)


  2. barley max? i think i'd rather be fat.

  3. I did not do the barley max myself, although it has done wonders for people with serious health problems. I just tried to follow the 85% raw principle - and didn't do that so well, but still have lost and kept off 15 pounds, so pretty happy with that.