The New View

After our first experience with dumpster diving yesterday, we feel like our lives are changed forever.  First of all, it was keeping David from sleeping last night.  He was blown away by how much good food was in the trash and wondering why can't the food get distributed to the needy.  It is a hard reality to face.  To realize that the dark, underbelly of this creature that we call abundance is an incredible amount of waste - it's a painful pill to swallow.

Obviously, we aren't going to be able to correct the system.  But, we can do our small little part - like forming our Dumpster Diving group.  A small band of us working together can help take some of the waste and let it do what it was created to do - feed and nourish a human being.  I am looking forward to our first meeting this Friday night.  And after some more diving on our way across town to go to church, we have some awesome stuff to share with them!  See this little beauty?  This is an organic Simply Coffee iced coffee which retails for $1.99.

Pacific Foods, Simply Iced Coffee, Latte, Organic, 16.9oz

See this... this is a box which had 44 of these in 3 flavors (latte, mocha, and vanilla) which we found in a dumpster this morning.  They had a sell by date of 12/11, so they went in the trash on 12/12 and we rescued them on 12/13.  I'm not a coffee gal, but hubby had two of these today and attests that they are delicious!

We also got ourselves some more food:
4 poundcakes (which will make a nice snack to go with the iced coffees for our first dumpster diving meeting on Friday)
1 bag of Nestle white chocolate holiday swirl chips (Christmas cookies are in our future!)
4 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
1 onion
a dozen bagels (yeah, you must hit up a bagel shop dumpster early in the morning and get yesterdays bagels! You will be astounded at how many bags of bagels are in there!)
7 yogurts (sell by date 12/12)
5 bags of slaw mix (sell by date 12/12)
1 small poinsettia
1 large container cottage cheese.  This one was messy on the outside, but completely sealed and sell by 12/27 date so we took it.  My theory is something was spilled/broken near it/on  it and the cottage cheese got tossed rather than cleaned.  We are lucky that it is so cold so that we can take the dairy items.  During the summer, those would just be too risky.

Now, if you are paying attention you will notice that one pound cake is not in it's box, and instead there are doughnuts in the box.  Funny story on that one!

As we made our way across town to church, we came across a Krispy Kreme.  Hubby says, "Oh, man!  I want some doughnuts!"  He turns in and heads to the back parking lot by the dumpster.  I totally was laughing 'cause out he comes with one doughnut in his mouth and his hands full - one for all of us.  He passed them out to me and the girls and said, "Man!  You wouldn't believe how many bags of doughnuts are in there!"  So I say, "Well, then, go get some more!"

Okay, now I have to tell you, I was imagining those nice little white bags like you fill yourself at the grocery store, that maybe hold a dozen doughnuts.  Nope.  Think GIANT, HUMONGO, EXTRA LARGE, clear trash bag - that is what hubby comes out with.  Probably 100 doughnuts.  I kid you not. 100, delicious, soft, melt in your mouth Krispy Kremes.  I just tried not to think about the fact that there is really nothing healthy in any stretch of the imagination about eating a Krispy Kreme.  Maybe, good for mental health??  :)

We ended up having another doughnut each after church and then wanted to drop them (and the large garbage sack full of bagels we had picked up) at the Hope Cafe.  But we had never been there and the directions we were given was that it was at 6th and University.  Close, but it's actually a block and a half north of University, so we didn't find it.  We ended up just saving a dozen bagels and 4 doughnuts and the rest were redeposited in another dumpster.

A great day of eating and no money exchanged hands - gotta love it!