MacGyver Moment

Have you ever done something that just made you feel so proud?  It might seem like a little thing for some people to accomplish, but for you, you have just achieved a greatness beyond words.  I ask because I just got to experience that feeling - that stand on the edge of the cliff, like King Kong on Skull island after fighting off some crazy unimaginable creatures, and beat on your chest and roar at the sky in triumph.

Okay, enough of the buildup.

My disc drive stopped working this year.
Then my computer went kaput.
Then we paid a guy from church to resurrect the computer from the dead. (hallelujah!)
But the disc drive still wouldn't work.
So we coughed up the money and bought a new one. (disc drive)
And it still didn't work.
Many, months have passed and I decided that it.was.time.

So I unplugged my computer and disconnected the plethora of wires and cables; I broke out the mini screwdriver and took off the outer casing of the computer; I changed out the wires that connect the disc drive (I had used the old ones and just changed the drive before); I closed it all up, reconnected it all, and turned it on.

Still not working.

Then the MacGyver moment - you remember him - that t.v. show where he would get in all sorts of crazy circumstances and find his way out with a paperclip, a wad of gum, and a bent bottle cap laying on the ground. In other words, he would be resourceful with what he had and MAKE IT WORK!

Yeah, those are words I can get into!

So my MacGyver moment was turning to my favorite resource - the internet.  I started typing in my initial question "computer will not recognize my disc drive."  Not liking what I found there.  Next I tried typing in the name of my new drive.  That netted me enough information to be able to figure out that my computer was actually recognizing the drive, but I had an error message.

So I googled up the error code and lo and behold, instructions on some site, very detailed and elaborate on what exactly to type, click, delete, etc. to make it work.

And it did!

Let the roaring commence!


  1. The internet sure does come in handy from time to time! The hubby accidentally pushed the plug of his carboy (huge glass jug that he brews beer in) down into the bottle. We had no clue about how to get it out. Googled it and found this super cool trick - and it WORKED! :)

  2. OMG! That is a super cool link! Thanks for sharing! I don't think I will ever have cause to use it, but it could be a fun party trick - ha, ha!

    But seriously, can you imagine how much I would have been charged to take my computer in some place to have it fixed?! And the info was right on the web for only the price was my time to dig it up.