A Billion or so Pictures :)

I am tired as we have had a long day, so I will not be narrating too much.  Here is Angelina's birthday in pictures:

The birthday girl showed up in our room this morning and after lots of birthday cuddles, The hubby asked what she wanted for her special birthday breakfast.  Her response was immediate - "Tuptakes!"  Our birthday tradition is the girls get to make their own cupcakes, and it was on the schedule for the afternoon, so we bumped it up to first thing. (after dad made eggs, bacon and potato pancakes first!)

She generously agreed to let Trinity help.

After church we headed to Incredible Pizza Co. to celebrate, with a pitstop first.  I found a digital camera for $20 on craigslist - just what we needed!  You'll notice the difference in the rest of the pics! (I'm soooo happy!)

First stop was a spin on the wheel for a prize for the birthday girl.

She won 100 tickets (which is probably the equivalent of .05cents! ha!) Her birthday bear had to come along - they were inseparable today. :)

Talkin' to Grandma C

Her turn to talk to Grandma C

The hubby and Trinity got in line for go-kart racing so Angelina went back for some more driving of her own.

Lined up to start the race - starting out last...

That's them all the way on the left in last place...

A couple of crashes and they pull out in front! (picture Angelina and I going wild in the peanut gallery!)

The victors!

What a day!  We had enough time to breathe, frost and sprinkle the cupcakes, and then off to our new small group.  Thank goodness that it was an all you can eat buffet at Incredible Pizza Co., because we took a break from the games and went back out in the afternoon for drinks, snacks, and dessert to fill us up and back into the Fairgrounds for more games!  This was such a great treat for us and pretty cost effective.  I had bought a $10 off coupon from Restaurant.com for .40cents during their 09/09/09 special so it only cost us $16 and change to get in.  We had leftover game cards from when we were invited to the pre-opening party where we got in free and were given $40 in game cards, plus 4 mini-golf for free coupons.  What a blessing for us to have such a fun packed day out and a new camera to boot!  Thanks be to God, our provider!

Grace and peace be with you!