Back in Cyberspace

The computer is fixed and I am so relieved it wasn't something more serious than simply the system getting out of whack.  Running regular periodic system checks should keep us from future crashes.  Thank you God for providing a connection to get our computer fixed!

So catch up time on a few pictures.  Here is Angelina holding our largest zucchini of the summer.  That is what happens when you don't go check your garden for a few days.

One day's harvest

Angelina wanted me to take her picture with the cucumber.

yellow soybean field in the distance

I have been going to BSF on Tuesday mornings and it is on the west side of town near Jordan Creek Mall.  So I have been taking the kids to go play afterwards at the play area.  Here they are on the big butterfly.

I took these next two pictures this afternoon.  The fall color is here. (and snow is coming soon - we are forecast to see snow Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon)

more fall color

Grace and peace be with you.