Ummm, so hubby made brownies tonight. Ugh.
Tomorrow is another day. (unfortunately, with brownies in the house! EEEEEEK!)

But I will forgive him because he brought me these this week.

Click on the picture and view it BIG!  It looks even better that way!

I actually looked at the manual that came with our new camera and discovered I have a macro setting.  Cool!  I also found out how to set the focal point in my pictures rather than just point and shoot and hope for the best.  I am looking forward to more experimenting with macro pics.

I let the kids have a long bath today while I cleaned up the living room.  Mostly a perfect plan - clean kids, clean living room...only one problem.  Because they were unsupervised in the bathroom, they did their favorite thing - splash half the water out of the tub onto the floor.  Note to self: next time, remove bath rugs first, then I can mop the bathroom afterwards and add clean bathroom to the list!