No Poo - Final Verdict

This is one day after a baking soda scrub.

I am officially a convert.

Let me backtrack a bit.  I started this experiment of going without shampoo and conditioner back on September 6th.  At the end of October, I added too much water to my baking soda and instead of a paste, it was watery.  I used it anyway, and I did not have that nice clean hair look afterwards.  So the next time I got in the shower, I decided I was going to go back to shampoo.  Forget this crazy, weird, no-poo thing.  I was going to have a head full of suds again and that familiar softness that comes from conditioner.  That happened to be exactly 8 weeks after I had started the experiment.

It was a disaster.  I don't know what kind of miracle I was expecting of the shampoo...I guess some version of a commercial model, walking around with a smile and constantly bouncy beautiful hair blowing luxuriously around my head.  It was instead rather ordinary.  In fact, it almost didn't look really clean.

And the next day...egads!  I wanted to put a bag over my head as my hair looked greasy, lifeless, and like I hadn't paid any attention to it for say, a couple years.  This was not good.

So, back to the baking soda paste I went and I have to say, fortunately, one fall off the bandwagon and onto shampoo did not undo all my weeks of not stripping my hair of essential oils.  After one baking soda scrub, I did feel like a hair model!  I am very happy with how my hair looks these days - less frizzy, healthy, clean.

My final verdict:  2 thumbs up! :)