Man Pleasing Vegan Recipes

I have always said that you can find anything on the internet.


Like the other day when we were given a couple 55 gallon barrels from one of our neighbors to use to store corn.  I wondered how much corn it would hold.  Helloooo Google!

I typed in "how much corn will fit in 55 gallon barrel," hit enter, and up popped the answer I needed.
(280 pounds or 5 bushels for those of you dying to know)

But today the internet has let me down.  See the title of this post?  That was what I was looking for.  What did I get?  Nothing.

I'm beyond belief.  How could such a obvious conundrum vitally important topic not be clearly labelled and found on the internet? Surely there have been other wives wanting to improve the quality of their families eating habits.  And surely many some a few of them have decided to (mostly) eliminate animal protein from their diets.  I need some good recipes that my carnivorous husband will be happy to sink his canines into and not feel deprived.

Vegetarian - I could come up with on my own.  But vegan is challenging.  Even when I ate raw food, I ate raw cheese.

If anyone knows some great recipes, puuuulllllleeeeeease share them with me!  And as I come up with hearty recipes that even reluctant meat eaters salivate over, I will be sharing them with you.

BTW, here is a pic of the beautiful sunrise yesterday....just 'cause. :)


  1. what about all the vegan substitutes that you have available there in the states...or do you live too far out in the boonies? there are seriously some things that you can throw together with firm tofu and vegan sub cheese (or even no cheese with the right kind of sauce) that will 'fool' the most carnivorous of carnivores. lasagna for example. just one idea.

    i recently thought of you often. i was toying with the idea of going mostly raw. it's just not as easy here...i might do it once i get some gadgets while in the states or something (the variety of ANY kind of food here is super limited...much less any alternative type...and i want a spiralizer ;) ). anyhoo, ran across a couple of great blogs that i just loved...wanna know which ones? ;)

    these were my favorite. you probably already know about them, but just thought i'd share in case you didn't.

  2. Mmmmm... a non cheese lasagna... that does sound good. :)

    Thanks for sharing the blogs! I checked them out and liked them too. It is always good for me to have resources around to help reinforce my attempts at healthy eating. I have to stay strong and resist eating like my husband - those blogs should help! And what a perfect post about turning a cowboy into a vegan! :) I'm reposting that You Tube here!

    BTW, I had a spiralizer - not a big fan. I prefer to just use a peeler to create more of a fettucine noodle out of veggies. It's a heck of a lot easier.