Flowers for Algernon...or at least my girls!

So we finally put a new method of discipline into place today.  I had seen this idea on Supernanny, and I have to admit, I have to watch that show now and again just to get a refresher on how to deal with the kiddos.  It is also encouraging to see that we aren't the only parents who run into problems with reigning in the little spitfires and getting them to be mostly civilized. (mostly)

The concept was used with a family of girls (um, hellloo!) and each girl was given a container to put flowers into. The flowers were plastic flowers and they could earn them (and subsequently lose them) with their behavior.  When they got to 10 flowers in their flower pot, they would earn a reward.

I thought this might be a nifty system to try.  We have these awesome charts that are hanging on our kitchen wall.   Up to now, the only consequence we could dole out was a time out or a spanking.

We are tying the flowers into the charts.  We explained to Trinity and Angelina that if they were doing one of the blessings, then they would earn flowers and if they were breaking a rule, then they would lose a flower.

First I included the girls in the process of making their flower pots.  I found a couple of cleaned, empty containers (green juice bottle and bread crumb container) and let the girls decoupage pictures of flowers all over them.  (I save the catalogs that get mailed to me from Springhill and the like, for plentiful flower pics for crafts)  How could a kid resist this project?  It involves cutting and messy gluing - heaven on earth for kids.  When the decoupage mess was over and done, David used an ice pick to put holes in the lids - only 8 as that was the number of flowers per bunch that we were able to pick up at Dollar Tree - and we were ready to get started.

I have to say I am cautiously optimistic about this.  The first thing Trinity did was voluntarily go in and pick up the living room.  Then she offered to come help me with the laundry when she saw me heading to the basement, basket in tow.  I could get used to this!

Next thing I have to do is create reward cards that they can choose from when they reach eight flowers.  I am  thinking things like:

1. get a ride on the carousel at the mall
2. get a dollar to spend at the Dollar Tree
3. trip to the play area
4. outing to the zoo
5. outing to the Science Center

My only concern is that things like the zoo and science center ends up being a treat for both of them.  I'll have to think about that one some more.  Plus come up with some other rewards.  I'd like to keep them free things as even a buck or two here and there adds up quickly.  But all in all, I'd have to say, this looks like a great tool for training up the girls in the way they should go. :)