How I am Awake, I do not know!

Well, I stayed up until 1:30 last night canning pears.  I had no idea it was going to take me so long.  It definitely went more quickly when I canned tomatoes with Danelle down at her farm.  So, I was thinking it would just take me a couple hours to get some done and got started sometime after 8.  One thing is it just took so long to work through the pears because many of them are getting overly ripe patches on them now.  So, it was a long process of trying to cut away the soft stuff and preserve as much of the good pear as possible.  (I think I have an unnatural love for the word 'so')

Second snag was that the only pan I had deep enough to fit the quart jars in only held 3 jars at a time...and wouldn't you know I ended up with 4 quarts!  So, I had to do two sets of boiling and by the time I put lids on the bottom to keep the jars off the pan, they only just fit in the pan.  I literally had to fill the water up to the rim to get it to cover the jars, and I would have to replenish from time to time as it boiled because it would boil up and out of the pan.  Long and tedious, but I got it done.  (did you see it?  I used it again....)

Here are my 4 quarts of pears down in the cool, dark basement.  The perfect spot for canned items. :)

Yes, I am a extremely a little proud of myself for doing my first canning all by myself. :)

I still have tons of walnuts to pick up.  Here is just the few that I have collected, washed, and set out to dry.  I hope to get time to get out this afternoon and pick up some more...a little more everyday and hopefully I will be caught up to where it isn't such a chore.

Today was the start of women's bible study with BSF.  They have a really great preschool program for the girls.  They will be learning from the book of John this year too and paralleling what we are studying, in an age appropriate format of course.  I took the girls out to the mall afterwards to burn up some energy.  I am hoping that they will both fall asleep and I can get a nap too.  But anyway, I was talking with them about their class today and asked what they learned.  Trinity said they learned about Jesus today.  I told them that we learned that the Bible is God's inspired word.  Trinity said excitedly, "Me too!!"  Then I said we also learned that Jesus is God's son.  Once again, even more excited now, "ME TOO!"  I like that we will be able to share with each other each week what we are learning in God's word.

Since this was week one, and my hair was beginning to get a bit of a heavy, greasy feel to it, I decided to go ahead and do the baking soda scrub this morning.  I didn't want to meet everyone in my group for the first time feeling like a big ol' grease ball! (oh, the vanity!)  So here is a picture of my hair today.  I am now at day 9 since washing my hair with shampoo.

My hair feels great and seems a lot less frizzy than it was when using traditional shampoo/conditioner.  So I am definitely feeling like I can do this "NO POO" thing long term.  I am looking forward to getting through the adjustment period and seeing how my hair responds.  More healthy and beautiful is the goal - we will see!

Grace and peace be with you!