The Pears are Done!

Yesterday I finally got through the last 2 bushels of pears.  Most of them had rotted by now and it was quite the chore to salvage good pear.  I decided the best use was going to be pearsauce since finding good firm pear for canning was not likely.  I still only ended up with 7 quart bags (I only dump 2 cups worth in each bag) for the freezer.  Too bad so many got wasted by my procrastination.  I am sure the black walnuts will suffer the same fate.  Tomorrow I am avowed to conquer the 2+ bushels of apples that are starting to rot!

How do you keep kids occupied while spending unending hours slogging through pears?  Give them plastic knives and rotten pears to cut up!  They had a blast "helping" me. :)

I also tried to make salsa today, but didn't end up with enough to fill 2 quarts.  I need to get some pint jars and fill as many as I can and then the rest we will just eat.  Kind of bummed, because I actually went through the whole canning process and then bothered to check online if it was okay not to have full jars. (thwok - sound of me thumping myself on the head!)

Okay, so my camera sucks.  And, indoor, self-portraits aren't the greatest!  This cracked me up though when I saw my pinky sticking up in the air, all hoity-toity!  But, the picture is good enough to tell that my hair doesn't look disgusting, even 11 days since a shampoo.  I think it is actually starting to get more manageable, but it is sooo subjective.  The experiment continues...

Stay tuned for more!

Oh, we also have been having success with our experiment with H202, or in layman's term, Hydrogen Peroxide.  We purchased food grade 35% h202 and have been taking it with distilled water. (except when I forgot and used tap for several days - oops!)  Everything I have read said that you shouldn't use tap water, but at the same time, when they call for soaking in it in a bath, they don't say you have to use distilled water for the bath, so really what is the difference?  If the stuff in your tap water is going to undo some of the good effects, then the same should be true of bath water.  I don't get it.  So I will use whether I have distilled water or not.  (great link here for more info)

So far, so good.  I had a dry, red patch that has been on my arm for more months than I can remember clear up in 2 days of taking h202.  I haven't really been that consistent, but I am going to make a concerted effort and record my findings here.