Trinity, Our Praise and Worship Girl

Trinity loves to make up songs to sing.  Most of them are about God.  This morning I sat down and wrote down the words as she was singing.  She loved it and then wanted to sing some songs especially for dictation for me. :)   Here are her songs:

We know that God is ours
That God is ours today.
When we know that God is ours today,
we love Him and keep His promise in our heart.
And we know He does love us.

We go everywhere with God.
He is never without us, because He is there for us.
We love you God, we know.
We love you God, we know.

We know you are our God, Jesus.
When we sing to you that makes you happy.
When we praise you, it's really good for you.
And thank you God for no tornadoes come our way.
We love you God.

We know you are coming for us.
And when we are grumpy and mad,
we call on you God.
And we love you God.

We sing for you God
and when we have food for us to eat,
we thank you God for the wonderful things.

Do-do-do-do, I love my mommy and daddy,
When God is around us we all love Him.
When you sing for us, we know,
God you are love, we praise and love you.

Singing, God we know you love us,
When He goes along
When He goes along with us,
We all are happy, happy.  Do-do-do-do-do-do-do.
Everybody likes God.  He provides us food. 
We love God.

Great God, great God, great God,
we sing about you, Great God.
You provide food.  You are so great.
You provide food for the animals.
When we get mad, we tell you God.

Grace and peace be with you!


  1. That is so awesome Amy! Your girls are so adorable!!