Wobbling on the wagon...

February 6 - Day 9
weight 163, down 7 pounds
big salad
2 kiwi
raw trail mix
zucchini pasta w/raw marinara
last bit of chocolate banana pudding

I made meatballs today and set them in my arizona room and let the sun work its magic as the dehydrator. It worked perfectly. I tasted the meatballs, which had a mushroom base, and they were good. However, when I tried eating them with the pasta and sauce, it wasn't working for me. Not sure why. Raw food recipes can be wierd that way.

I was soooo tired this afternoon and I don't know quite why. Angelina slept through the night for the second time. The first was Saturday night - she slept from 8:30 til 5:30. Last night she slept from 11 to 6. Anyway, DH stopped at Costco on the way home to do some shopping and picked up a rotisserie chicken. OMG did that smell so good. I was nursing Angelina and trying not to fall asleep and being hungry - figuring I would do dinner when the kids were in bed. I wanted to just go tear into that chicken. But I knew it was desire born of being tired and that if I did, I would eat waaaay too much and totally regret it in the morning. So I resisted and did not fall off the wagon - just wobbled!

Speaking of Angelina, I finally took her in for her 4 month well baby checkup. (4 mo on Jan 20) She weighed almost 13 1/2 pounds and is 25 inches long. The doctor said she is a keeper - everything is fine. I can't wait to get my camera working to post new pics of her!

We got the book "Potty Training in Less Than a Day" from the library. That's my next project with Trinity. Be praying for me!