Say cheese...

...cheese pizza, that is. I haven't posted in awhile because as of Feb. 19th I started delivering pizza again in the evenings. I have been adjusting to being at work 4 nights a week. I am not getting much sleep now. Before I would be in bed at nine. Now I get off work at nine and by the time I come home and wind down from the go-go-go pace at work, it's usually eleven or later before I go to bed. Not a good bedtime when you have a little one getting you up anywhere from 4:30 am to 6 am. But I enjoy the job, I average $15/hour, and we don't have to put the kids in daycare for me to work. It is havoc on my diet because I do love pizza, white flour and all, and there is always pizza for us drivers to eat while on shift - too hard to resist! I am trying to make sure I eat all raw on a work day to offset the free pizza. :p

Well I think it is time to post more pictures of our beautiful little girls. Here is one we snapped the other day so we could print some wallets to carry. (Grandparents - you will be receiving one soon!)

Here are a couple of Angelina - trying to get mobile on the floor and playing with her toes - a favorite past-time these days.

Grandma Barbara was with us for Trinity's first day of dance class. Here are couple of pictures that she took.

Another late night...sigh. I better be off to bed.
Grace and peace be with you.