Time for an update

I had added some cooked food back in my diet and my weight popped up a few pounds, but has now dropped back down to 164. I have been trying the fruit only til noon principle this week. At first I wasn't so crazy about it, but now that I am getting used to it, I think I do like it. I noticed it yesterday when I got in the pool to swim that I felt like I had so much energy. (speaking of the swimming, I am up to 30 minutes this week)

David has been off and on eating raw food with me. He told me yesterday that he feels so much better when he eats raw. He had gone and got Del Taco for dinner the other night and then he felt bloated and sick and felt bad even the next morning. So yesterday I asked him to pick up some yams and steel cut oats from Sprouts and he came home with loads of raw food. We had a yummy smorgasbord of food for lunch - yam chips with guacamole, raw trail mix, sweet grape tomatoes, and raw pickles. (Bubbies kosher brand) David packed up much of the same for lunch today and headed off to work with smoothie in hand. :)

Grandma and Grandpa Case came and babysat for us last night so we could go out to celebrate Valentines. We wanted to go out the day after so it wouldn't be so crowded. We had a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory so that is where we went. We split a salad then split nachos. This goes back to a tip from my earlier post - shoot for 50/50 live vs. dead food. He suggested that if you are eating fruit only til noon, then just have a salad with lunch and dinner. Make it a good sized salad, not a skimpy one, and eat it first. Then you won't eat too much cooked food and your body will be getting more of the healthy live food.

I did this the other night with David too. A lot of time I will ask David if he wants me to make him a salad too and he'll say no. This time I didn't ask. I made us both a salad and filled his dinner plate with it. Then he had to eat his salad before he could eat the cooked part of the meal. That worked out well. I keep thinking that if we can make that practice a normal part of our dinner, then we will be teaching our girls good eating habits too.