Sleeping through the night

February 8 - Day 11
raw oatmeal
yam chips and guacamole
big salad

Angelina is doing so well with her sleep now. She slept through the night for the first time last Saturday night and has continued to do so every night except Sunday. What a relief to get good sleep again! Looks like we won't have to go through the same sleep technique with her as we did with Trinity. We had to teach Trinity to fall asleep on her own. Angelina is already there. She doesn't need to be nursed to sleep like Trinity did. Thank you God!

Today at lunch Trinity asked for pizza. We had some leftovers so I heated them up for her then peeled and sliced a yam for myself. When I sat down with the yams and guacamole, Trinity immediately abandoned her pizza. She came over to me, spit out the pizza in her mouth, and went for the yam chips. A raw kid in the making! I couldn't be more proud! :p

I have been using my dip from Sunday to spice up my salad dressing. I make my usual EVOO, Braggs apple cider vinegar, and lemon mix and then put in a spoonful of the dip. Yummo! I really like extra zest in my salad dressing. I have a bunch of the dip left. I'm wondering if I should freeze it. Hmmmmm....

I did make it to the gym today and swam laps for 25 minutes as planned. I will do the same tomorrow after Trinity's dance class. Next week will be 30 minutes. Also, I usually wear my swimsuit under my clothes when I know I am heading to the gym. Today I forgot to pack my underwear/bra for after swimming. What to do, what to do. I put my swimsuit in the sauna while I did my makeup and blew dry my hair. It wasn't perfectly dry, but close enough. Saved by another MacGyver moment! Thought I'd just pass that one along in case any one else finds themselves in that predicament. :)