Back on Line

Hi all,

I decided to get on the blog bandwagon because it will be an easier way to keep up with everyone. My time seems to be at a premium these days so I need to keep things as simple as possible. Creating my own web pages for family updates takes more time than I desire to devote to it right now.

So to catch everyone up. January 5th I decided to go back on a raw diet, but not 100%. I was eating mostly raw though with a few exceptions until we went to Las Vegas for David to attend the Redken Hair Symposium. Then I just ate cooked food and didn't worry about it. I just have a problem with paying $15 for a buffet and eating only salad and fruit! But on Jan. 29th I made a committment to go 100% raw for 30 days. So far so good.  On day 5 I had lost 5 pounds. My days tend to pretty similar food-wise. I have raw oatmeal for breakfast, a big salad for one meal, and a fruit smoothie each day. Then I have one other meal that varies each day. But my basics get me grains, veggies, nuts and fruit everyday.

Trinity turned 2 years old on January 19th. Grandma Barbara flew out to celebrate with us. We had a lovely party with her friend Hope. The girls got to decorate birthday cupcakes with lots of sprinkles, ate pizza, and played in the playroom together. It was a good time. :)

David started sharing his space with his old coworker Camille at the end of January. He is enjoying having her around a bit. She works on Wed-Fri so there are only 2 days they are both in the salon. She is paying half the rent which is a big help for us.

I am going to start training to teach pool aerobics for LA Fitness. It's the perfect job for me b/c not only do I get to do something I enjoy that is good for me, but I get free childcare in the kids club while I teach a class. Also, I will get free membership and childcare as long as I am teaching at least one class per pay period. Bonus!

I will post pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded from my camera. For some reason my computer is not recognizing my camera when I plug it in.


  1. well, you kind of answered it ("beggars can't be choosers"), but i was wondering how you reconcile whole foods (organic, raw, vegan, etc.) with frugal. as you surely know, eating heathfully is EXPENSIVE. trader joe's helps a lot, and i am not a meat eater, anyway (fish counts), but i am spending a lot to accomodate my "good, clean foods" preferences. we are lucky to have trader joe's. if i had to rely on sprout's or the co-op, i wouldnt be able to do it. just can't afford it. (my food budget is $200 per month.)but, it is very hard to eat processed foods, bleached flour, pestocide sprayed fruits, etc. after you get used to the good stuff; it just feels dirty and toxic even if it doesnt taste bad. even the thought of consuming garbage makes it unappetizing. how do you cope?

  2. I think this was supposed to be under a different post, but I know which one you are referencing.
    Our food budget for the four of us is also $200 - on a good month. You eat what you have to when you don't have the luxury of buying what you want, and appreciate the good stuff that much more when you have it.

    I just organized a local dumpster diving group and am hoping to start eating better that way. I know that sounds crazy, but our country throws away 40-50% of its food. And there are articles galore online touting the great food you can find in dumpsters - including organic. In fact, Trader Joes often gets named as a great place to dumpster dive - you should give it a try!