It's Time to Wake Up

Did you ever see that movie with Julia Roberts, "Erin Brocovich?"  There was that scene where she was talking to the mom about how the water was making them sick and the electric company knows all about it.  At first she just didn't want to believe it.  But then she has the wake up moment, and turns and looks at her kids splashing in the pool in the back yard.  She immediately starts calling to them to get out of the pool.

Well, that is a great analogy to what is happening in our country right now.  Last fall began my wake up call when I first read The China Study.  It was the start down the path to learning just how bad our food system really has become in America.  I am now faced with trying to pull my kids and husband out of the pool, so to speak, and help them understand why.

I am becoming more and more convinced that we need to change the way we view food in this country.  The evidence is overwhelming and I am constantly posting things on Facebook about our food.  Now I am going to start posting it here too.  We, as a nation, need to have a wake up moment.

(scroll down and turn off the music player to view the video)


  1. I agree! If everyone knew the half of the scary things that go into what they're eating, they'd be horrified. Worse, yet, the long-term consequences of their choices on the health of our future generations and our plant! Bad stuff... :(