Changing the Way We Eat

Well, it has been about 4 months since I went on a rampage about what we were eating as a family.  It hasn't been easy and we still have a long way to go.  But here are a couple key points I have learned through this process.

Being The Teacher has worked out better than being The Enforcer.

At first I just changed what I would make and everyone could eat it or go hungry.  I had some hungry kids sometimes.  It became a struggle at every meal to not let them eat what was now deemed unhealthy.  Eventually I gave up.  I cooked them meat.  I gave them dairy.  I just didn't have it in me to do the battle.  But I did start really teaching them why mom was eating so differently.  The word "healthy" became an everyday occurrence to describe a food choice.  What has happened is that over time my kids are now picking up on the difference.  Now they will ask me about different foods and if they are healthy or not.  (since daddy still brings home "unhealthy" food choices)  They still choose to eat unhealthy foods sometimes, but they are gravitating more and more to the healthy food.  Nothing rocks my world like my daughter saying, "I don't want that - it's not healthy." :)

There can be a happy middle ground.

I saw on GreenSmoothieGirl  a suggestion for getting kids to eat better.  Make them eat a big plate full of salad first and then they can have whatever they want.  Great suggestion!  They are more likely to eat it knowing then they are free to choose their dinner.  BUT, they are filled up with good raw veggies first, so less likely to eat too much of anything else... a big plus when that choice isn't healthy.

Now, if only dear hubby were as easily taught as the kids!  Sad but true, most of us adults are so ingrained in our way of eating that it will take a health crisis so get us to change.  Kids are our future though, and we just have to start taking accountability for what we are feeding them.

Here is a great video of Chef Ann Cooper, who is known as the Renegade Lunch Lady.  She has a website where you can learn more and get involved in making meals better for kids at home and at school.


  1. she looks scary! maybe kids can be scared into eating good foods if you shjow them her video.

  2. So awesome that you are teaching your children what is healthy & what isn't. And that you choose to feed your children things that are healthy, but you choose not to eat (healthy meats).

    BTW, totally didn't talk about Raw the other day. Would love to hear your opinions & thoughts.

    : ) GreenRanchingMom