We have video!

Here are some random life photos and then a video! I wasn't sure how long it would take, so I just started the upload then went to bed. :) That way it didn't matter if it took forever on dial up. If I get positive feedback on the video, then I'll try to do more of them in the future.

Here is Trinity on the swingset. I finally got the side yard fenced in so I moved the swingset up where it will be in the shade for playing in the summer. Also I can now look out my kitchen window while at the sink and see both the trampoline and the swingset - perfect!
Here are the kids playing on the trampoline with daddy the other day. I caught Trinity in mid bounce!

Yesterday I broke out all the winter stuff to have it by the back door for bundling up the kiddos. Trinity enjoyed putting on the hat and mittens that Grandma Mary knitted for her.

Here is Angelina Trampolina having a good time. :)

And here's the video. Just a little bit of trampoline play. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Grace and peace be with you!