Fall beauty

all is officially here now. We had a beautiful drive through town today. The trees are getting quite lovely. It's not the most spectacular fall I've ever seen, but even a not so good fall is still beautiful to see. :) What I am enjoying the most is how the scenic views are changing along our drive home and from our house. There is a lake along the east side of our road on the way home that we couldn't even see until the leaves started falling. Below is a picture of another sight we had on our drive home today - a bald eagle perched atop one of our neighbors trees. Amazing to see. It was sooo big. Trinity asked to hold it...I laughed and told her it looked like it would probably be almost as big as her!

The big news around our house is that Trinity has been using the potty since last Friday. She has had a couple accidents, but for the most part, has taken right to the new routine. We even ventured out on a shopping trip today and she was able to let me know when she needed to go to the bathroom at the store. Hooray!

Grace and peace be with you!