Beggar's Night

Thanks for all the great jokes. We ended up just going with the roar as the trick. I think next year Trinity will be ready for telling a joke.

Here's all the jokes sent in: (that I can repeat on this site!)

Where do horses live? In Neigh-borhoods.
My mom wouldn't let me go to the pirate movie because it was rated Arrrrrrr!
What did the left eye say to the right eye? Between you and me something smells!
What has ears but never says a thing? A cornfield.

The girls had a great time getting candy. One thing though, you could get quite a backlog on a house if a bunch of kids end up there at the same time, because they have to tell their jokes to get the candy. But it was fun and Trinity just loved it, although there were a few spooky houses that she didn't like.

Here's a couple snaps of the kids as the lion and leopard.
Trinity is in mid roar in this next one.

This was the full moon rising in the back yard last week.
This is a sunrise last week.

Grace and peace be with you!