I need a good joke!

First, here's the only picture I got uploaded before the blogger picture uploader went on a temporary outage. This is Angelina enjoying making a sticky mess of herself eating a roasted marshmallow.

We are getting ready for Beggar's Night here in Carlisle. Beggar's Night got started in the Des Moines area back in the 1930's. They found that there was so much vandalism associated with Halloween that they wanted to try an alternative holiday. So they instituted Beggar's Night which is celebrated on October 30'th. Kids get to dress up in costume and go house to house, but they say "Tricks for eats." Then they are supposed to do a "trick" to get the candy, such as sing a song, tell a joke, do a dance, etc. Mostly it has become standard practice to tell a joke to earn the candy. I can hardly wait to hear the jokes! Meanwhile I am trying to figure out if I can find a simple enough joke that Trinity can learn. I am open to suggestions! She is going as a lion, thanks to a hand me down costume from cousin Jiah, so a lion joke would be great. Her trick may just be to roar like a lion - that I know she can do! :)

Oh, by the way, they did find they had a huge reduction in vandalism on the traditional Halloween night...interesting solution, huh?

Grace and peace be with you!