Finally, uploads again!

After waiting all day, I can now upload photos again. Here are an assortment:

This is Angelina sporting a cute dress that our friend Amelia gave us in Phoenix before we moved. I had to take a picture so she could see how cute she looks in it. :)
Here Trinity is holding her bug catcher filled with ladybugs. We had a "swarm" of them around our house for a couple of days. I was reading up that they do that in search of a place to bed down for the winter. They will seek out a house or barn. I guess they either found their way into our walls or moved on because they are gone now. Trinity was in hog heaven catching them. She had over 20 in the jar at one counting.

Trinity and Angelina enjoyed playing in the big pile of leaves in the front yard. Here's a couple of pics plus there's a video at the end of this post.

I didn't think this picture was this dark - maybe it is my screen. If you can see this one, it's Angelina being very excited over finding an acorn.

This was actually a lot prettier than it came out in the picture. I guess I need to learn something about adjusting the camera manually so I get a truer photo to what I see. The sky had been gray all day and the sun broke out as it was setting. From my vantage point, there were really dark gray clouds in the sky behind the leaves, and the sun was shining on the leaves just lighting them up beautifully. It's still a nice picture, but not quite as dramatic as in person.

After taking the picture of the trees, I headed over to the other side of the house and caught these two in action.

Then we were off to the burn barrel to make a fire and roast marshmallows. I posted the close up of Miss Angelina with marshmallow mess all over her earlier. This was the roast that was responsible for that! Trinity loves roasting marshmallows. She and David went down and had some Daddy-daughter time roasting marshmallows this evening while I put Angelina to bed. What a special treat. She got to use a flashlight and roast marshmallows all in one event - it doesn't get much better than that for a two year old!

And finally, here is the video of the kids playing in the leaves.

Grace and peace be with you!