On my Own

Well, my mom went home this morning so I am on my own with the girls now. We didn't have to be alone for long. I saw an advertisement on craigslist for a community yard sale and bake sale in Hartford. Hartford is the next small town down route 5 from Carlisle so I figured it might be a place to start meeting some of our neighbors. Trinity was asking to eat, so we stopped in to pick up a map of the sales and grab a hotdog. We were joined at our table by Sally, the lady in the picture with the girls. She is from Carlisle and after talking a bit, we figured out that she was good friends with the original owners of the house we just bought. Another guy came in that she knew and so I got introduced to another neighbor. He is about 4 houses away up the cross street from us. Really nice guy, Bob - gave me all their contact information and said he's pretty handy and let him know if we need any help getting moved in.

Anyway, Sally told us about the Garden Party going on at the Carlisle park, so we all went there together. She is our new adopted grandmother and introduced me all around to people at the craft fair. It was such a beautiful day - cool with a lovely breeze, and the community is so friendly and picturesque. You can see just down the hill behind Sally a couple of horses. They were doing horse drawn wagon rides which we did with the girls. Fearless Trinity sees the giant horses and says, "Ride! Ride!" They had an orchestra band playing music and Trinity was entertaining us with her dancing. It was a lovely afternoon.

My plans for the rest of the day are to try and get Trinity to bed at a decent hour, and watch the Saturday night service at Calvary via the internet. I don't know when I will have internet again after I move into the house on Monday. I have to research satellite companies to get high speed internet. This is my life line right now!