Images of our life

This is a picture from the night before I left Arizona with the girls. I just loved this picture of Angelina with her grandpa and wanted to share it. :)

This is the first of the many tiger lillies we have growing up by our fence. I thought it was beautiful and it appears to be the only pink one we have. The rest look like they will be red. Dan was telling us that if we let the ditch out in front of the house go instead of mowing it, it is filled with these flowers.

The other day I spread our $8 Salvation army quilt out in the shade under the trees in the backyard and hung out all day with the girls. Angelina played with toys and Trinity ran around in the yard. While we were hanging out, the mower came and cut down the hay field behind our house. Then yesterday, they came and rolled it all up into what I used to call "giant shredded wheats."

The big news of the week is that we have a dog now. After an adventurous trip across to Winterset, home of the famous bridges of Madison County, we adopted Lucky. He is a mix of Great Pyranees and Golden Retriever. He is on a two week trial since I wasn't sure how he would do with the little ones. He is about a year and a half old and has the sweetest disposition. Even when Trinity climbs on him and rides him like a horse when he is laying down, he never protests. For now I have him on a dog run, but eventually I would like to get instafence so he can run around and get plenty of exercise.
Having Lucky here is sure making for some more interesting behavior challenges with Trinity.
As you can see in this picture, she has decided to drink like a dog from the dogs water. Other challenges include:
- getting her to eat her food instead of feeding it to the dog
- letting the dog eat his food instead of hand feeding him
- not dumping his food bowl into the yard
- not dumping out his water bowl
- not putting mud in the water bowl
Other than that, we are adjusting fine to our new addition and I am sleeping more soundly with our new guard on watch at night. :)
Grace and peace be with you!


  1. If it's pink it's not a tiger lily. (ha!) Have fun with the dog.