Basement parties in Iowa

We have had some nice rains here over the last week. It made for the perfect conditions to burn off the huge pile of brush we had going in the backyard. Here's a picture of David having fun with the giant bonfire. We got a burn barrel from our friends up the road so now we are burning our trash that is burnable.

This is a picture of a double rainbow out back after a rain. If you went out far enough in the yard, you could see the whole rainbow. I think this was after the storm that produced two tornados in the area. Only an F1 and F2, so not too bad. One of the towns hit was Norwalk, where our church is located. We got to have a basement party with the girls though, since the weather channel on the internet was showing that the tornado was heading for Carlisle. (It ended up going south of us by about 6 miles) Anyway, we took the radio and blankets and snacks and went to the basement til the worst of the storm passed by. Trinity is scared of the basement in general, but we have had 2 basement parties and she loves them. :)

Our little Angel taking a nap.

A wildflower bouquet my husband picked for me from our yard.

We picked up a bug catching kit at the dollar store for Trinity. I thought it would be perfect for lightning bugs. This is her new favorite thing to do. Here she is going for the catch...

Checking it out...

Here is Trinity with her best buddy, Lucky. She just loves this dog!

That's it for now! I will try to update again soon.
Grace and peace be with you!