Country roads, take me home!

Well, we have been in our new house for a week now.  It will be nice when we actually get our belongings here, but we have what we need to get by for now.  David ended up flying in last Sunday morning and just left last night.  It was so much better having him here to get moved in.  I am just loving Iowa and our new home more every day.  It is so beautiful here and peaceful and everyone is so friendly.  I have seen so many beautiful birds - I'm going to have to go to the library and check out a book so I can start identifying them. The blue, red, and yellow birds I know, but the rest I need to look up!  We are starting to learn our way around the back roads.  Since we live on one of them, it's kind of a necessity!

The best news is we think we have found our new church home.  I had gone to one of the local Calvary's here last Sunday morning before picking David up from the airport.  We met with the small groups on Wednesday which were meeting collectively for a bbq at Easter lake. (beautiful, by the way)  It was a good church service, and a good time at the small group meeting, but we still wanted to check out some other churches. Saturday night we drove out to the westside of Des Moines to Waukee.  There is a larger church there called Point of Grace.  They were having a graduation service for some men from Teen Challenge so we didn't get to experience a true service.  But while the worship was rocking, when the pastor was talking, he started to sound a bit like the television evangelists.  It wasn't leaving me feeling warm and fuzzy.

Sunday morning we were going to go to Calvary again but I was trying to find info on the internet on another church we had seen off the bypass.  I ended up finding the website for a church in Norwalk called Fellowship Community Church. What we read online sounded really good so we decided to try them instead.  We were very pleased with the church and the service - especially when the pastor said that if you didn't have a bible, someone next to you would be happy to share - that the bible is our textbook and you need to bring it with you and read it. Amen! They have a preschool on site and they have Awana, of which I have heard great things.  They just started on a goal of teaching through the bible in 5 years and they did Genesis 4 and 5 this Sunday, so we haven't missed too much. :)

I am going to attempt to post some pics, but I am back in the world of dial up, so we will see if this works!

Here is the front of the house after some serious shrubbery whacking!  There is a house under all those bushes after all!  A little paint and some shutters and it will look darn cute. :)

Grandma Barbara bought Trinity a birdhouse to paint while she was here.  Dad quickly took up the task with her once we had the initial house cleaning done.

Miss Angelina is no longer content to crawl.  She is pulling herself up to standing whenever she gets a chance. This was last Wednesday - the first time we saw her stand up by herself.

Daddy's new toy - a John Deere riding mower we picked up last weekend at a garage sale for $300. I don't know who likes it better - David or Trinity!  We called on our neighbor that I met the weekend before for help in picking the mower up from Indianola. He had just taken his mower in to be serviced so still had the trailer hooked up to the truck - perfect timing! :) (God is sooo good!)  He showed David the local fishing hole on the way over to pick it up.  Interesting to note: the large bush they are going around in the picture is lilac.  There is a whole wall of them across the backyard.  Dan was telling us that they bloom like crazy and fill the whole house with the scent of lilac in the spring.  They are badly neglected and overgrown, so I am already researching how to best prune them next winter so they will continue to thrive for many more years.

So, that is kind of the highlights from the week.  I have just survived my first 24 hours alone with the girls.  God is smiling on me - Trinity fell asleep at 5:45 and is down for the count!  Be praying for me though.  David will be packing up and heading back out here next week with the moving truck.  I will be alone with the girls for at least 9 days.