More Pictures

We'll start with our little camera ham - Miss Trinity. Sunday morning at church, she got up on stage before class started and got the microphone and started singing. Fortunately, it wasn't on, so her little babbling singing was cute and not ear piercing! It was really sweet and she has an adoring audience in the young married's class. :)

In these next pictures, Angelina got up on her knees holding onto Trinity and knocked her over - revenge for all the times Trinity has wrestled her down to the ground!

Big grin!

Trying to crawl

Sweet smile :)

Oh, yeah. I did spot that second tooth today - David is right. She has the one on the bottom and one coming in on top. Also, thinking about our little American Idol on stage at church last Sunday, I don't know how many of you follow the show American Idol, but one of the final four is a young lady from our church. Her name is Jordin Sparks and our pastor has asked for prayer for her and her family during this time where she is being catapulted into the public eye. So please be praying for her. It's been really fun for us watching the show this season actually knowing one of the contestants. Amazing that she is still on with only a few more shows til the winner - wow!