Houston, we have lift-off!

Hey, we have a signed contract on our house - Yikes! We are now in fast motion. I have been job searching and applying via the internet for Iowa jobs. Our plan is for me to take the girls and head out to Iowa on the 25th, arriving the 28th. I have located a place for us to rent. It's perfect actually. $350/month gets us a furnished room, one hot meal a day, and they used to run a licensed daycare center in their home so they have a huge playroom and big fenced in yard. They have a 3 and 5 year old too, so Trinity will have playmates. They have a live in nanny, so I may even be able to just pay her extra to watch the girls while I go on job interviews. Once I get a job, then we can get financed and buy a house. David will come out once he has a job secured or we have a house to move into - whichever comes first.

So, now we have a week and a half to pack up the house, discard, donate, and sell off.

Keep praying for us - we need it! This is a very stressful time for our family.


  1. Wahoo!! That ws fast. I know what it's like to pack up with a couple of litle ones. It's going to be a blur for the next couple of weeks.