Mid life? Me?

Yes. It's true. I turned 40 last week. I thought about posting on my birthday, but decided against it. Best to let some things just pass without too much fuss. :)

Meanwhile, I finally found our battery charger and so I have an updated picture of our little Angel to post. She is working on tooth number two (so says Daddy - I haven't spotted it yet) and so close to crawling, I'm sure I'm going to miss the actual first time event! This is her flashing us one of her ever ready smiles. What a love bug!

The latest on the Iowa front: David called about the job with the City of Des Moines on Friday. The guy said he is so backed up with paperwork, he hasn't even looked at the applications yet for that position. So we are still in the waiting mode. We also had a showing of our house to friends of friends last Saturday morning for a possible AS IS sale. They opted not to make an offer though, so David will get to work on the kitchen on Wednesday.

That's all for now!