Iowa Bound

Well, tomorrow morning I am off to Iowa with Barbara-Mom, Trinity, and Angelina. I am working furiously trying to get all paperwork caught up and everything left in good standing for David. He will be staying here until we close on the house on June 18th, then packing up a Uhaul with what we have left after the big purge, and heading out to meet me in Iowa.

I do not feel prepared or organized enough for this trip, but I am sure it will all work out fine. I have a job interview for an accounting job next Wednesday at 10am. I managed to pick up a couple skirts, pantyhose, and pumps at Walmart today, so all I need now is a blouse or two and I will be ready for interviewing. (all my "WORK" clothes have long since been donated away) Tomorrow we just drive to Albuquerque and stay with a girlfriend through Sunday morning. She has arranged for a bunch of my old friends to get together Saturday for an early evening bbq before heading to Calvary to listen to Pastor Skip teach. I look forward to being in my home church where I first attended after accepting Christ - such warm memories of that place. :)

Tuesday morning we will be meeting with my realtor, Jo, at a home in Pleasantville, which is SE of Des Moines. David and I are seriously considering purchasing this home.

It is a foreclosure so is sold as is - and from what my realtor tells me, 'as is' translates into a lot of work. But she also said, if we were willing to do it, we would be getting a lot of house for the money. The house has 5 bedrooms and 2 full baths in the 2,550 sq ft above ground. There is also an attic and a 1200+ sq ft basement. It all sits on a .67 acre lot. The list price is $81k and we are shooting for being at that price AFTER repairs and updating. We are thinking of offering $30-40k. We will see how close we are after getting it inspected and repair estimates.

Okay - that's all for now. I will write again next week from Iowa!