Dance Videos

Okay, grandparents, here are the girls dancing. :)  The girls are on the front row, on the left.  Don't forget to go pause the music player before trying to watch the videos.  If we had a better video camera, you could see the look on Angelina's face when the audience applauded.  You see her head pops up, and she was just beaming.  They weren't used to getting applause when they finished dancing!

The girls are on the back row, far right in this one.

David was taping this one as I promised the girls I would stay backstage and be there on the sides while they danced.  I should have told him to just tape the whole song, but he tried just taping the girls.  Anyway, the 2 year olds went out first, and for some reason, Trinity went out on stage during their part.  We got her to come off stage to us, but by the time she got around backstage, her group was already on stage.  Thus, there goes Trinity, coming in late and having to run all the way across the stage!  This time they are on the back row, far right again.

There was another bit they were in where everyone was on stage, but it is too hard to pick them out on the video, so I'm not uploading that one.