Raw Exercise

Okay, so just yesterday I posted my update on how I was going to see if eating all raw made any difference in my workouts this time through month one of Insanity.  I didn't expect to have anything to report so soon, but man, did I have a great workout this morning!  It was Cardio recovery, which means you get a break from the high intensity cardio, but you trade it for intense muscle work and stretching.  I was blown away at how much easier this workout was for me today than it was before.

I took a screen shot of this exercise, because I didn't think I could describe it and make any sense.  These are similar to your basic leg lifts where your leg is straight out behind you in your start position.  From there you lift your leg and lower back to start.  Shaun T's version you get on your hands and knees first, then you lift your knees off the ground, then you put your leg back and start doing lifts.  16 on each side.  Followed by....

...this exercise.  Same starting position, hands and knees, knees off the floor, leg back, but this time you bring your knee to your shoulder to work your obliques.  16 each leg of these.

I have not been able to do these at all.  I had to keep my knees on the ground before.  Today, I did them with my knees off the floor - unbelievable!  I did crash and burn early on the last leg of the oblique work, but I did all but 5 before I dropped.  Excellent results!

This encourages me to keep up the raw.  I can't wait to see how I'm doing in a couple weeks!