Dance Pictures

Thanks mom for treating the girls to dance lessons this year!  Here are pics from the recital.  Having trouble uploading the video, but that will be coming soon. :)

They were so excited that they got to wear makeup today.

Lined up to go on stage.

They are in the front row, first two on the left.  David took these pictures while I ran out to find light and figure out how to delete videos to make space on the FULL camera.  (should have checked that before they got on stage! duh!)  I taped the end of this dance and the others are also on video.

Ready for their next number.  I was not a fan of the pink headbands. 

No headbands - much nicer.  Now if only I could get them to smile!

Trinity was not in a smiling mood and when bribed with ice cream gave me this goof ball look.

Angelina took a turn taking pictures.  I'm actually in the frame - miracle!