Life Isn't So Slow Anymore....

... otherwise known as "Why I Haven't Posted in Four Months."

My girls and I moved in with their Grandma and Pop pop at the end of June.  So we went from our isolated country life in Iowa, to Bowie, Maryland - a suburb of Washington DC.  Bowie is where I grew up, so there was some sense of familiarity to it all.  However, it was a bit shocking to hit the capital beltway again after three years of back road, country driving.  I believe I saw more cars on the first trip down 270 and around the beltway than I had in the entire three years in Iowa!

Here is a quick recap of our summer:

The girls have been enjoying getting to know Alison and Melissa, their new best friends.  This is actually really cool for me because of the history involved.  My mom's best friend was Barbara and I grew up with Barbara's family being like second family to me.  She had a daughter Denise, and we have been friends since she was 7 and I was 10.  Alison and Melissa are her daughters.  It is really fun to see them all play together - like carrying on a legacy of sorts. :)  Here are a couple pictures from when I took them all to the Montgomery County fair.

From left to right is Alison, Melissa, Trinity and Angelina.

(to see all the pictures from our fair day, click here)

Since meeting Alison, Trinity decided to grow out her bangs.  She also has developed a crush on Justin Bieber. (geesh!)  We didn't even know who Justin Bieber was when we lived in Iowa!  But then again, the girls have also learned how to swim this summer as we spent most days in our neighbors pool.  They went from not knowing how to swim to doing somersaults under water and cannonballs into the pool!

We also spent an afternoon at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  I firmly believe that Maryland has one of the best Ren Fest's ever, and they have only gotten better in the years I have been gone.

Me and the girls at the beginning of our visit.

 The girls showing their colored tongues from eating their treats.
The girls after a long afternoon at the fair!  Luckily, I had an awesome Scottish bagpipe band to listen to while they rested. :)
(for all the pics click here)

A lot more excitement has been going on including the Warrior Dash, Bradley Reborn, and a new business venture with Denise, but each of those need their own post.  Which I promise, is coming soon! 


  1. Yay! You're back!!! :)

  2. hope all is well.