Update on a winter's day

Well, we are all snuggly and warm with our corn burner working nicely now. I had a few pictures to post so I will fill you in with the pics.

The Waldenbooks at our closest mall is going out of business so they were having killer sales to clear the inventory. I picked up a monster History of Art book for $3.75 and a Children's Atlas for $1.50. Even a broke person like me can't resist those deals! The kids have already enjoyed looking through both of them and I am sure they will provide us with lots of knowledge in the years ahead. (especially since David and I have finally made the decision to homeschool the kids)

Here are some pics I snapped of David looking at the atlas with Angelina. She was only mildly enthusiastic as you can see in the pictures. (read that with heavy sarcasm :)

I have been trying to take the kids outside for a walk whenever the weather is nice enough for it. "Nice enough" being a very relative term. Today was in the 20's, only a little wind, and no precipitation...that qualifies for outdoor time in my book. So, off we went down the road with our bags to collect treasures along the way. This was the neighbors cow watching us walk by. Most of the time they aren't in the field by the road, so this was a rare sighting of the cows in this pasture.

Angelina spotted this nest. Since we couldn't put it in our treasure bag, this one had to be captured via picture. Angelina also spotted a bald eagle and a flying crocodile. She is very alert for a two year old! ;) I can't blame her for thinking she saw an eagle. We have seen several of them in the last few weeks. I was reading about them and discovered that in January and February there are 5000 bald eagles that come to the Mississippi between Illinois and Minnesota. It is considered to be the next best place to see them outside of Alaska. We may take a road trip to the river for bald eagle spotting on Trinity's birthday.
Trinity had quite a few treasures in her bag by the time we made it home. BTW, did I mention that little Angelina decided that she was too tired to walk anymore and I had to carry her all the way home?? She managed to wake up nicely once we were indoors again despite her insisting that she needed to go home and take a nap. I sure got my exercise today!
I digress...back to Trinity's treasures... pine cones, leaves, rocks, twigs, a corn cob, and the piece de' resistance - a wooly caterpiller. She put him in a jar with some of her other treasures to keep him company. Hopefully this one will stay in the jar and not get loosed like the caterpiller she brought in the other daySigh, another shot of Trinity's fake smile. I hate trying to catch a good shot of her these days because as soon as she sees the camera, she says "say cheeeeeese" and puts on this horrid little fake grin. Her smile is lovely, just hard to catch on camera.
And, yes, I did let Trinity go for a walk in her princess dress. I made her put pants on with it, but thought, why not? You can only get away with that kind of stuff when you are young, so she may as well enjoy it now!
Grace and peace be with you!