Happy Birthday Moms!

A big happy birthday to Grandma Barbara (her birthday was yesterday) and Grandma Carol. (her birthday is today) We love you both very much and miss you - so do your grandkids. Trinity is always telling me how much she misses her grandmas and grandpas. :(

Here are some pics of life at our house. This first one is Angelina waking up after a nap in the recliner. She was laying in a lovely contortionist position, but by the time I got the camera, she moved into a more normal pose. I took the shot anyway of the sleepy girl.

What to do with kids when it is freezing cold out and you can't go out and play? Turn your house into a gymnasium. Here the girls had piled pillows and blankets into the corner and were taking turns jumping into the soft pit.

Snack break. I thought the girls looked cute sitting and eating their ice cream cones.

This was our excitement yesterday. A car ran off the road right into our yard. I circled the area where you can see the snow scraped away as the car left the road and headed down the steep slope into our yard. Our yard continues to incline down, so they went all the way to our barn.

They showed up later with a truck and tried to pull the car out. That didn't work out as nicely as they would have liked, as the road is not wide enough for them to actually get the car pulled up on it before having to turn. So they ended up dragging the car along the side of the ditch all the way into our neighbor's yard before they were able to get it up on the road again. And people think living in the country is boring! ;)

Today the girls wanted to play store. So we played endless rounds of shopping, checking out, and restocking the shelves to open the store for the next day.

Our kitchen playset was turned into our check out stand. One of the benefits of having a mom who runs a consignment sale is having an extra scanner for zapping bar codes. Trinity is very good at finding the bar codes and scanning them. She will be helping me at my sales very soon!

The other news is that we did make the final decision that we will be homeschooling the girls. Trinity has not returned to preschool after Christmas break. We are excited about it though - especially Trinity. She was more than happy to stay at home and do school with mommy. I have been looking at the Charlotte Mason method and the Classical method based on the trivium, but have more than enough time to decide since Trinity is only turning 4. We are going to start spending 5 minutes a day working on phonics since Trinity is showing 'reading readiness' signs - she is always pointing to words on things and asking me what it says.

David put in an application with a local grocery store that was looking for shift managers. We will see if anything comes of that. We would love to get him working inside again. I tried to get a part time job working the overnight shift with Walmart, but the shift runs 11pm-7am. David has to leave for work at 6:30 so that knocked me out of the running - I wouldn't be flexible for scheduling. I am going to check with another grocer. One of the moms was telling me that HyVee has overnight stockers and she thinks the shift ends at 6.

Oh, yeah...how could I forget. We finally got David's cosmetology license for Iowa. So this is another option that we are going to look into.
Here is a parting picture of our corn stove so you can see that we are keeping toasty warm in this arctic blast. :)

Grace and peace be with you!