Angelina takes the headline today

Poor Angelina learned the hard way that naked bums and corn stoves do not mix. This morning Trinity had stripped down because she wanted to take a bath. Angelina followed suit by taking off her pants and diaper while they pleaded to take a bath. They were standing in front of the corn stove since the nice warm air blows out from there. I told them they could take a bath and Trinity ran off to the bathroom. Angelina, however, leaned over to pick something up. This movement placed her bum square on the door of the stove - the only part that gets hot.

I took her to the doctors and she has second degree burns. Most of her right cheek is burned and about 1/4 of the other. It is going to be a challenge to get her healed up since she can't wear a diaper. We can't risk getting poop on the burned areas. So, looks like we begin potty training by default! Here is a picture of her laying on the floor watching a movie. Please be praying for quick healing for her and an extreme measure of patience for mom!

Happier days... Trinity and Angelina were washing the floor (their choice!) but also managed to have a little squirt fight.

Earlier this week...what do you get when you cross a two year old and paint?

This was from last Sunday. We filled spray bottles with water and food coloring to create snow paint.
The girls loved it - anytime they get to spray they are happy

This was the beautiful sunrise that greeted me one morning this week. It was actually much more stunning in person than I was able to capture.

After seeing a bald eagle and a herd of almost 50 deer last week, I started carrying my camera in my purse. Sure enough, this past Wednesday I was able to get a shot of a bald eagle while on my way into Des Moines to the library.

Grace and peace be with you!